Collect Emails - Make Money - It's That Simple 

Do you want to make $125, $250, $500 or even an extra $1000 a week just by getting emails? If YES is your answer than keep reading. 


I am affiliated with a number of companies who pay me to gather data for them.  They pay weekly for the data that I gather for them.  In most cases it is just gathering emails from people who would be interested in there product.  Other times it could be having someone fill out a short one page offer or trying out some kind of free trial. Either way, whether someone enters there email, fills out one page or signs up for a free trial of some kind, I GET PAID.  And I get paid every week.  

All of this leads me to you.  Through my company, I want to partner with people who would like to make some extra money each week.  I want to work with honest, sincere, and dedicated people.  If this sounds like you than read below.  I am willing to pay $.50 for each email you collect.  You can make as little as $100 a week all the way up to $1000 a week. Even more if you are really good.  And if you are really good, I will give you more opportunities to make money with higher payouts.   

Breakdown of how much you can make

Number of Emails Collected

 Amount Per Email

Total You Will Make

36 Emails Per Day (252 a Week)


$126 Per Week

72 Emails Per Day (504 a Week)


$252 Per Week

144 Emails Per Day (1008 a Week)


$504 Per Week

288 Emails Per Day (2016 a Week)


$1008 Per Week


So as you can see, with very little effort you can make some good money.  If you can get 2000 emails a week, you can be making $1000.  Even an extra couple hundred emails will bring in over $100 a week.

And there are many many ways to get these emails.  Below are just a couple of ideas.









Your Own Website

Make Flyers

You can be as creative as you want to.

Go to for additional ideas.

***  Anyone who plans on doing any paid advertising, I will pitch in 50% of the advertising cost.  You just need to run past your advertising ideas to me first.  ***

Below are the important questions along with the answers

How Do You Get Paid?  

Great question.  I have tracking set up for everyone who joins me.  So every product you promote and get an email from, credit goes directly to you. 

When Do You Get Paid? 

The companies I am affiliated with pay every week which is great.  Some payout on Tuesday and the others payout on Friday.  Once the companies pay me, I will then pay you.  You will need a paypal account because that is the easiest way to transfer money. 

Are There Bonuses?

Yes, depending on how well you do, I will provide something as a thank you.  It could be a gift card or just some extra money.

Who is This For? 

Anyone who wants to make some extra money. 

>>> Below are some of the examples of companies you will be promoting.  Please note these links only work within the United States.  Each link has an email subscription box.  Once someone enters there email address there.  You get credit for that lead.  It is that SIMPLE. <<<

These offers are very high in demand.  Enter you email and see just how easy it is.  You will realize that you can do this too. 

Walmart Gift Card

Survey Payday

Android vs. iPhone

*** Those are just a few of the hundreds of products that can be promoted.  A lot of money can be made. ***

Minimum threshold to get paid weekly is $100 - You must reach $100 to get paid weekly.  If you do not reach $100, then the balance will carry over to the next week until you reach it.  I highly suggest that you make a goal to reach $100 a week.  That is less than $20 a day.

Payouts are every  Thursday


Requirements Before Starting

- You Must Live in the United States (All links for products being promoted can only be used in the United States)

- You May Only Promote Products in a Moral and Ethical Way (I will explain that more in your Welcome Email)

- You Need Either a Desktop or Laptop Computer and Internet Connection

- You Must Have a Paypal account.  That is how you get paid :)

Optional but recommended

To really see some results you should work on this for half hour to an hour a day.  

How Do You Get Started? 

Enter your name and email address below and within 5-10 minutes you should receive a welcome email with specific detail.   Keep an eye out for this email because you will need to reply to some questions in the email.  If you do not see it in your inbox in the next 5-10 minutes than check your spam box.

Are You Ready to Make Some Money?  By next week you can be getting paid.   

Just enter your name and email above to get started. 

Take action and get started today.  

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